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Tuesday, September 30, 2014
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September 28, 2014
Why Are We Here? (Carlton Bruce) - II Corinthians 13 
September to May
Sunday Worship Service 11:00 am
 Hope you can join us.
From the Pastor’s Desk...
     Sometimes waiting for God feels endless and what
you’ve been praying for does not seem as if it is going
to happen. In 2004 I started praying for God’s
purpose for my life, and in 2006, I sensed God calling
me to go into the ministry. My wife and I decided to
make a pledge to the church we were attending at
that time. After we decided about the amount, we
prayed for the church, asking God for not only His
guidance, but also for His purpose for my life. In the
middle of 2006, I left my job and began my studying
in the seminary in the spring of 2007. I’d like to keep
this story short. However God was doing amazing
things. He opened up doors for me that people were
surprised by, because they had never heard of such
things as allowing me to study at George Fox Seminary.
I did not have to go through their interview process
in order for me to be admitted. In addition, God
provided for us financially through family members
and friends whenever we needed some money.
     Faith literally means “to have faith of God.” No one
doubts that God could make a fig tree dry up and die,
or do similar things. Having faith in God is no problem,
right? However, to have faith of God is a new
thought. If you have faith of God, you allow God to
believe through you and sometimes you don’t even
know where God is taking you. It’s crazy faith! The
book of Hebrews is also called “The Hall of Faith.” It
is where people experienced faith of God. God told
Noah to build an ark, and he did. Noah, did not question
God saying, God I’m not sure if this is you or not.
He just did it. As the result, Noah saved himself and
his family, and humanity. God called Abraham to
start walking and go to a foreign land because God
was going to bless him, and Abraham obeyed. Jesus
says, I do nothing on my own but speak just what the
Father has taught me. Jesus heard the voice of God
from within His spirit and saw from within His spirit
what the Father wanted Him to do. Faith of God is
when we hear God’s voice and obey, knowing that
everyday is God’s blessings.
     So many times in our life’s journey, we ignore everyday
blessings that God provides us, and we question if and
when God will bring us through. Then we want a “sign” to
know for sure. Be honest—-how many times have you
prayed, “If this is You Lord, then make this or that happen,”
or “Lord, I want to believe, but please show me a
sign.” What we fail to realize, is God showing us daily
miracles! He continuously brings us out of situations.
Second guessing God’s promises for your life has no
place in your life. Step out of your comfort zone—step
into your Faith and don’t give in to the tricks of the enemy.
Remember our trials come to make us strong! So
praise Him in advance while He’s bringing you through a
tough situation. Remember, what we learn in the Not Yet
is that the promise of God holds true regardless of the
time that the promise takes to come to pass.
As we are approaching our time of pledging for God,
pray over what you’re giving and expect God to bless
you. The Bible says, “Taste and see that the Lord is
good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in Him.”