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Thursday, March 26, 2015
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September to May Sunday Service 11:00 a.m.
March 22 - New Members Confirmation
 Hope you can join us.
"Then let the Flame burn brightly for all the world to see,
Shine the light of God's grace through all eternity.
The love that is in us, is Almighty God,
Let us fan this gift into Flame."

From the Pastor’s Desk...
My wife asked me, "What are you going to give up in this Lent season?" I said, "Oh... I don't know, I never thought about that." Apparently, she was giving up drinking sodas, coffee and eating any food that had sugar in it. I was immediately reminded about the person who had put ashes and drawn a cross on my forehead at the Ash Wednesday service. She said these words, "For ashes you are and ashes you shall return." I thought, "If we are only walking and talking ashes, then why do we have so many issues and problems."
In deed, we can watch our diet and start eating healthy food so that we can stay healthy. On the hand, there are some people who can't move on in life because someone or something had dramatized their lives in the past. For instance, a couple of weeks ago my wife and I visited a young lady who lost her seven months baby three years ago. We stayed with her for at least two hours, and the only thing she talked about was that it was her fault. It was her fault that her baby died, it was her fault that she did not wake up to watch her baby etc. Although, I've tried to make her think about something else other than blaming herself she could not even comprehend that there is another perception to her problem. However, her mind was zoned in on the fact that it was her fault. Blaming ourselves will not take us far in our spiritual growth but laying them down at the feet of Jesus will move us on in the path.

Materially and physically giving up our comforts is an important aspect of lent season no doubt. But that is not everything. Our mind, body and soul should take on a firmer grip to our Lord thinking about what His love has accomplished for sinners like us. In addition, if you're struggling with worry, fear and addictions etc. there is hope for you. I think the question is not what you are willing to give up. But rather what you are focusing on, in this lent season? Are you focusing on what is wrong, worry, fear and your past? Or, are you focusing on the God's promises such as, He loves you; all things are possible through Christ who gives you the strength, and you are the light of the world. The bottom line is, what are you focusing on? I encourage you to make a decision to stay focused on the love of God for your life. This is the life of faith in Christ. "And we know that in all things, God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." It is not going to be easy but I guarantee you that it will be worth it.