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Tuesday, October 21, 2014
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October 19, 2014
Priority - Matthew 22:15-22

October 26, 2014
Stewardship - Matthew 25:14-30
September to May
Sunday Worship Service 11:00 am
 Hope you can join us.
"Then let the Flame burn brightly for all the world to see,
Shine the light of God's grace through all eternity.
The love that is in us, is Almighty God,
Let us fan this gift into Flame."

Dear Members and Friends of Pleasant Home UMC

A fire can only burn brightly when it has fuel. If we take that flame and cut off its fuel supply the best it can do is smolder and eventually go out. Pleasant Home United Methodist Church has burned as a bright fire in our community for 130 years. Our flame has flickered throughout not only the East County community but has reached into Portland and even international arenas. Our congregation has shone brightly by providing emergency kits to natural disasters and supporting local families through donations to Snow Cap and My Father's House. However, the flame could be dimming.

For being a congregation that is small in numbers, we are able to cast a long shadow through the world. There are many things we do that don't require much "fuel". Our Sunday School program is flourishing this year and our choir is up to its usual mischief. We are gearing up to a Heritage Sunday production and a Christmas Play. All of these productions give our church its "glow". A glow does not require much fuel, but at the same time is not far reaching.

This time of year, like most families we have to look ahead to the next year. We establish our goals and evaluate the required support needed to achieve those goals. Pleasant Home has been able to create a flame that can be seen from other countries and around the world. In order to continue to fan that flame we need your support. We will be having various presentations each Sunday in October to highlight the ways our church is present in the world and the opportunities for your support of our ministry. Our Stewardship campaign will culminate in an Italian lunch provided by our Finance Committee on October 26th after service. We ask you to prayerfully consider how you may best support the fire that Pleasant Home has created. Please bring your completed pledge slip to church on Sunday the 26th so that we may better know how much fuel we will have for the next year. No pledge is too small, no support too minor. Thank you in advance for however you determine you are able to fan the flame. With your assistance Pleasant Home United Methodist will shine brightly.

As always, yours in Christ,

Funga Taufoou         Jenny Tackett          Joe Kinkaide          MaryLou Stroup
Pastor                        Finance Chair          Admin Chair          Treasurer